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DIY 3D Printing Pen with FREE ABS 1.75mm Filament

DIY Promotional Plastic 3d pen printing for Children Present Drawing Tools AU/US/UK/EU plug Free 1.75mm ABS Filament

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If you can image it, you can create it!
What is the YaYa3D Printing Pen?
The YaYa3D Printing Pen works just like a normal pen - but with many more possibilities! The pen heats a plastic filament that cools as soon as it hits the air, allowing you to draw in any direction, including up and down. It's fun, safe, and easy to use. The YaYa3D Printing Pen is comfortable to hold and light enough to form delicate shapes easily, but sturdy enough so stay cool to the touch while using it. Give it a try!
Drawing with the YaYa3D Printing Pen
The YaYa3D Printing Pen can be used to make crafts, school projects, home decor, gifts, and much more! Trace shapes on paper, build a 3D model using a design, or simply doodle - in the air! Use the pen to draw up or down, making cubes, spirals, and more. You can also draw several flat shapes and then connect them, allowing you to make an even wider range of shapes! What about drawing a design on paper and then tracing it with the YaYa3D Printing Pen? Just trace your design and lift it off the paper. It's all possible with the YaYa3D Printing Pen!
There is no need for complicated software or time-consuming training to use the YaYa3D Printing Pen.
What plastics work with the YaYa3D Printing Pen?
You can use the YaYa3D Printing Pen with two types of thermoplastics, ABS and PLA. These materials become soft and moldable when heated, and return to a solid when cooled. ABS filament has greater strength, flexibility, and malleability. PLA filament is more sensitive to moisture.
Used to make crafts, school projects, home decor, gifts, and much more!
0.7mm copper nozzle for fine 3D freehand drawing (Tip is very hot)
Draw on paper or in thin air, or trace and connect to create 3D masterpieces
Safe and accurate - thanks to its fast cool technology
Easy & Fun No complicated software or learning required.
Product Description: 
1.Product Name; YAYA 3D printer pen
2.Extrusion Mode ; Fused Deposition Modeling / Melting
3.Formation: 3D
4.Drawing Margin;None
5.Width of extrusion: Manual
6.Material used; ABS PLA
7.Diameter of Filament;1.75 mm
8.Speed Of extrusion: adjustable
9.Nozzle Hole size : 0.7mm
10.Heating Temperature: 160-250degree
11.Adapter current ; 100/250V 3A
12.Pen electric spec: DC 12V 2A 24w
13.The DC head diameter: 3-5cm
14.Pen overall height: 19.5cm
15.Net weight ; 145g
16.Package weight : 484g
17.Package dimension ; 22*16*8cm
The product packing list :
1.3d pen
2.12V3A power adapter
3.Manual (in English )
4.1 piece 3D printer Pen with 2 color ABS Filament 1.75mm


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